Casualty Protection

IBRG will help navigate your needs in casualty insurance


What strategic steps are you taking to lower your business’s liability risk?  It’s not an everyday question, but one that may effect your bottom line. With broad protection and unparalleled service from a solid general liability insurance company, you can focus on keeping your assets from becoming vulnerable – even in the event of a lawsuit.


Broad Protection

General Liability insurance protects your business from liability exposures, including premises and operations liability, personal and advertising liability, products and completed operations liability, as well as owners and contractors liability exposures. General liability, can also cover libel, slander and any injuries that occurred on your property

Additional Liability will help protect you from a number of risks, like being sued for unintentionally harming someone or for negligence. There are three types of liability insurance:

  • Professional liability, which covers mistakes that are made on the job
  • Product liability, which helps protect your business against lawsuits and helps cover recalls in the event that one of your products was manufactured with a defect that caused harm to an individual.

Specialists Working For You

Our experienced  professionals work together with you to design and execute the most effective solution to your risk management challenges. We want to help you achieve your strategic objectives.

Affordable Coverage

For broad General Liability coverage, you’ll find the protection you need at the right price.  You determine the appropriate level of coverage for your business, and discover what you pay is worth the added peace of mind. With our coverage, you’ll be taking a strategic step in improving your business’s successful risk management.

Vehicle Insurance – If your business involves vehicles, this is a must. In most states, vehicle insurance is not only suggested, it’s required by law. Depending on the policy, vehicle insurance can cover personal injuries, property damage, bodily injury liability, collision and uninsured motorist coverage. You can also get a comprehensive coverage policy that covers events such as flooding, theft, fires and more.

Flood Insurance – The aftermath of a natural disaster or electrical outage can cause flooding. So, it is very important that you consider getting flood insurance for your business. This will help cover the costs of the building as well as everything inside of it. Flood insurance is essential if your business is to recover.


Your business is too important to be under-insured

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