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The IBRG team specializes in, contractors / construction protection and risk management


We offer a Contractor Business owners insurance policy that works for you.  Whether you’re an electrical, painting, lawn care, plumbing or HVAC specialist, you know accidents can happen. Protect yourself and your business with our broad property and liability coverage.

Who Needs It?

Contractors insurance is important for any business that works in construction, such as building construction or home improvement.  Our Contractor Business owners policy can help protect you from the risks that come with your job.

One And Done

We like to keep things simple when it comes to great coverage. A single basic policy with built-in flexibility eliminates the need for multiple policies because property and liability are included. After all, your company’s success depends on you to tackle complex, high-stakes projects while balancing income, expenses and expecting the unexpected.

Affordable Coverage

For solid, broad coverage, you’ll find the protection you need at the right price. IBRG can produce a quote in minutes, and we can help you customize a package of coverage for your contracting business.

For example, ask your agent about our Business Income Coverage, which is included in your Contractors policy. We include it because we know it’s important to be able to pay your team – especially if your business experiences a loss.

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance: Including: Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability,  Contractual Liability, Product and Completed Operations Liability.
  • Workers’ Compensation and Employers Liability Coverage
  • Automobile Liability: Includes private passenger vehicles up to 18 wheelers. Specific Automobile Liability in amounts  to cover for specific bodily injury and property damage, including owned, hired and non-owned vehicle coverage.

Other Insurance Coverage That May Be Required:

  • Umbrella or Excess Liability Coverage:
    • This coverage typically sits above the underlying General Liability, Automobile Liability and Professional Liability policies. Depending upon the scope and work to be performed in the proposed agreement, this policy may be required in order for the vendor to be able to meet the minimum insurance requirements.
  • Cyber Risk Insurance:
    • This insurance requirement applies when a third party will be using, storing or accessing private, confidential or protected information.
  • Environmental Liability: IBRG can discuss this special type of coverage.
    • This insurance requirement applies when a vendor will be performing environmental clean-up work (decontamination/remediation), will be working with hazardous substance or waste, or may have similar such exposures while performing work under the proposed agreement. Higher limits of environmental liability coverage may be required depending upon the scope of work.


Many aspects of liability are opened up when you provide services to a company. CALL IBRG at 224-333-0550 and we will discuss your general coverage needs and riders requested by your client.

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