Health Coverage

It’s NEVER been more important to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together in healthcare. (NOTE! you only have 45 days from November 1st until December 15th to complete individual healthcare policies)


Finding the right solution in today’s marketplace, while procuring enough coverage to help you and your family, is our greatest value to you.  If an unexpected illness, injury and/or the need to manage chronic health conditions comes up, you’ll need a solution without undue financial hardship.  We guide you to the right protection.  Don’t go at it alone, or rely on inexperienced advise.

It’s about comparing deductibles, co-pays, benefit limits and reimbursement rates, and costs that you could be responsible for; then any portion of services that would fall to you, such as hospital stays and ongoing services. Helping you by asking the right questions helps you get the answers you need to make the appropriate choices.

Do you qualify for the Affordable Care Act? (ACA).

We love helping people understand the policies available since the enactment of The ACA, or Affordable Care Act, (sometimes referred to as Obamacare). There are many questions about how the impact of the new rules and regulations may have an impact on you, and your family. EVEN if you don’t qualify for a premium tax credit, most policies we’re affected by the ACA, in some manner.  This is VERY important to understand, especially if you are switching from a group plan to an individual policy.

We can walk you through the process of:

• Defining if you qualify for marketplace (ACA) insurance options
• How to choose appropriate policies EVEN if not utilizing the ACA
• Discussing the companies we work with (those we don’t), and differences in coverage
• How to prepare for changes in your current policy and options for renewal
• Friendly, informative and dedicated customer service – we go the extra mile

Don’t short change your most important asset – YOUR HEALTH.  A “one size fits all” may not be the best option for you and your family.

Dental and Vision plans are available with options to fit your needs.  These can be added when you choose your healthcare plan, or, purchased separately, depending on many factors.

If you qualify for GROUP PLANS check our group insurance page Why? Because there are many more options in group plans choices, than for individual policies. Call the professionals at IBRG, it’s worth taking the time to be informed and guided through the maze of todays complex healthcare options.


We are authorized to collect personally identifiable information (PII) from you by Insurance Benefits Resource Group and it’s agents. Any PII we collect is used to help you obtain health insurance.
If you choose to give us PII, we may share this information with any insurance carrier discussed for the purpose of obtaining a quote for coverage. PII is used to disclose only under the circumstances: For helping obtain an health insurance proposal for coverage.
The request for PII is strictly voluntary. If you choose not to provide us with PII requested, or not to respond to certain questions pertinent to help you obtain insurance based on the needs required by carrier, we may not be able to complete our role in helping you get health insurance coverage.

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