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Is Your Truck Fleet Fully Protected?

As a professional transportation company, you’re concerned about time and money. Managing a fleet of vehicles is not always easy and these two important concerns may suffer without the right coverage. The pro’s at IBRG are ready to provide customized fleet trucking insurance solutions.


Comprehensive Coverage for Your Fleet

Protection for your fleet depends on a wide variety of factors.  IBRG is ready to get to know your needs. This way, we will be able to provide you with a customized insurance package. Your policy may include the following areas of protection:

• Truck Liability • Physical Damage • Motor Truck Cargo • General Liability • Workers Compensation • Warehouse Liability • Specialty Needs • And much more…

Seasoned Agents to Keep your Fleet Covered

We are not only here to provide insurance solutions, but also to keep you informed about the intricacies of your particular risk. If you have any questions about our fleet insurance program, please contact IBRG.

Fast Service for Your Fleet Starts with Your Call

At IBRG Insurance, YOUR safety is OUR priority. Accidents are a part of life, and we get that. And when you’re on the road, we want to help you be certain that if an accident does happen, you have the protection you need. How can we do that?  With commercial truck insurance packages that are customized to your unique risks and needs.

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Keep Employees Safe On the Road

Success depends on the time your drivers spend on the road. When your employees can’t be on the road, your company is losing valuable time and money. IBRG wants to help you  do everything you can to keep your truckers and fleet safe in all situations. It’s also important have to comprehensive workers compensation that can provide benefits such as:

• Medical Care • Temporary & Permanent Disability Benefits • Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits • Job Displacement Benefits • Death & Final Expense Benefits

The law mandates that workers compensation be provided to all employees (in many states) . If any of your truckers becomes injured or ill on the job, you’ve got to be sure they’re taken care of. Let the IBRG professionals help you construct the perfect plan.



IBRG Specializes in Transportation

Interested in learning more about the fleet trucking insurance that our agency can provide for you? We serve businesses and individuals in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

If you need clear options, and answers, from seasoned pro’s:

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